Couple stands holding a corgi on frozen Kluane Lake, Yukon

Our Story

We come from the land of the Midnight Sun where cocktails have human toes . . .

Andrew and I owe our inherited sense of adventure to having been born and raised in the beautiful Yukon Territory. From exploring endless backcountry by dogsled beneath the northern lights, to fending off grizzly bears from peeking in our windows; the north has been our gateway to exploring the unknown.

We celebrate our diverse cultural backgrounds of both indigenous and non-indigenous ancestry. On my maternal side I am Tlingit and British, and on my paternal side, Ukrainian. A citizen of the Teslin Tlingit Council and member of the Dakl’aweidí (Killerwhale Clan), my traditional name is Shux dax Tlaa. On Andrew’s maternal side he is Northern Tutchone (of the Crow Clan), as well as Austrian. On his paternal side he is of Latvian descent. Andrew is also a citizen of the White River First Nation.

As an outdoor adventure travel duo and aspiring digital creators; we share the beauty and mystery of the Yukon, along with a compilation of our journey from wherever we may roam. While incorporating an ethical sustainable travel practice, it is through our visual storytelling that we strive to showcase the strong appreciation that we have for the land and all of life’s adventures.

We hope to inspire you to step out of the ordinary and discover the unknown!

Always in Adventure,

Shannon, Andrew, (& Aurora the Corgi)